Welcome to Transbuddhists.org

Our Mission

We are a small collective of Buddhist practitioners from different traditions who seek to address systemic exclusion of transgender and gender nonconforming people from Buddhist spaces. Through our Developing Trans*Competence guide, our blog, regular online video chats for trans*Buddhists (announced on our email list), and in-person workshops, we work to support all sanghas in having the information and resources they need to be welcoming to trans*people. We serve as a forum for trans* practitioners to receive help with challenges related to residential practice logistics and community-related issues. We believe that the refuge and connection available through shared dharma practice hold great healing power and are dedicated to making them more accessible.
We recognize the interconnection of struggles experienced by individuals of all social identities, including races, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities, cultures, and ethnicities. We stand in solidarity with and support other efforts to make Buddhism more inclusive in this country.


Donations made to us are put towards printing and distribution of the guide and costs associated with workshops. Any leftover funds will be used to support the practice of trans* folks who need financial assistance with dharma study and meditation retreat fees.