We are thrilled to announce the release of Developing Trans*Competence: A Short Guide to Improving Transgender Experiences at Meditation and Retreat Centers. Written and edited by a group of transgender Buddhists from across the United States and a few of our committed allies, the guide offers a vision for sangha spaces that are fully welcoming to transgender practitioners. By breaking down common problems faced by trans* folks when visiting spiritual centers, the guide offers a deeper understanding of trans* people’s experiences as well as structural solutions that can be implemented in a sangha.

This guide is steeped in our personal practices and our experiences with the dharma. As Buddhists, when we practice kind awareness, or mindfulness, we practice being intimate with what we encounter in each moment, on both the internal and interpersonal levels.

In order to fully do this in an organized practice setting, one must feel safe and at ease, and be able to be vulnerable. To create these conditions, sanghas must actively work to undo subtle and explicit oppression. Developing Trans*Competence is a tool to be used to make Buddhist spaces safer, more just, and more accessible to trans* practitioners.

With gratitude,

Audrey Renson, Chance Krempasky, and Finn Schubert

“And how does one, in protecting oneself, protect others? By the repeated and frequent practice of meditation .”

“And how does one, in protecting others, protect oneself? By patience and forbearance, by a non-violent and harmless life, by loving kindness and compassion.”

-From the Satipatthana Samyutta, No. 19

Download the digital-only guide, for use on computers, tablets, or e-readers (PDF)

Download the printable booklet version (PDF)

To print, open in any PDF viewer (Acrobat, Preview etc.). Set to print double sided, and select “Flip on short edge.” Keep in order and fold when printed.

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