Interview with us on Patheos

We believe that identity can be used to investigate, uncover, and remember our “true self” which is obscured by greed, hatred, and delusion. In trans* sangha, we can feel safer bringing up specific experiences that we might not feel comfortable sharing around non-trans* people and explore them as they pertain to our dharma practice. The spiritual path runs directly through our lives, and it’s really helpful to connect with people who may have similar experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with us on Patheos

  1. I enjoyed the interview. It was pretty brief, but you made very good points. Thank you for working to build a supportive transgender Sangha. I personally know how beneficent Buddhism can be to transgender growth and equanimity. I am an ordained transgender Zen Buddhist Priest in the Korean Zen lineage. I originally came to Buddhism to help figure out who I was and find a means to accept myself and, in the process, I found myself seeking to help everybody else. Long story, story – I will be looking to form a trans or trans-friendly Sangha next year in the Kansas City area. I try to keep aware of your efforts and hope to be able to lend a hand, where I can.

  2. Tylanni, so glad to connect. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story and please do email us so we can chat more. We are very much seeking the presence trans dharma teachers as we build the trans sangha. So grateful for your practice.

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