Feb. 8 Trans*Buddhist Online Sangha hangout

Meditate and Relate, Trans*Buddhist Google Hangout
For trans* and gender non-conforming people who have a connection with Buddhist practice

We will start with meditation, followed by an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss our experiences.

Sunday, Feb. 8
6:30pm *Eastern time* join us for a 30 minute sit. You can log onto our “Trans*buddhists” group on the Insight Timer App, if you have it, as we support each other in practice in this virtual way. And if you don’t have the app, you’ll still know that there are others sitting at the same time.¬†
7:00pm *Eastern time* log onto the video hangout to meet each other, chat about practice, share info about retreats, and whatever else may come up.

For the google hangout link and call-in number, please email transbuddhists(at)gmail.com

Chance & Finn

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