LGTBQI Meditator Meet-up for NYC Vigil tonight

For those in NYC that are looking for this type of large community gathering tonight-
Please feel free to meet up with the New York Insight’s Insight Out Refuge group and head to the vigil together.
From the NYI Insight Out Refuge email list:
Dear sangha,
We hope you are with loved ones and community while processing the tragedy that occurred this weekend in Orlando. In the interest of holding ourselves and our community in compassion, we are changing our plans tonight so that those who choose can attend the vigil at Stonewall can do so, while still holding a quiet space at our usual meeting location.
The Facebook page for the vigil, with details, is here:
Chance will be down in the Village early in the evening. Meet him at 6:30pm at the northwest corner of the intersection of 6th Ave. and West 4th St. There’s a Capital One bank right there, for reference. We will walk over a few blocks to the the vigil at 6:40pm, so please arrive on time.
With compassion, gratitude, and respect…

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